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These 2 boats were rescued and have been secured with chain and lock. To access them the owners need to contact Gary Bayes or Bernard Hunt. If no one contacts us they could well be removed as could any other unsecured boats. Sorry for the hard stance but it is up to each boat owner to be responsible for their boat and lose boats, boats tied up with rope etc could lead to kids steeling them or using them on the lakes. It would only take one incident and we could lose all boat privileges. Please don’t be the angler responsible for that.

This is one of the boats loose on Drayton Fen. There’s a few which we have recovered and chained up. There’s still some lose to recover. I’ve taken this boat away as it’s been smashed up a but and either needs scraping or repairing. It’s now at Bayeswater lakes but will be destroyed March or April so if you want to recover it please get in touch with Gary Bayes as soon as. We can’t allow lose boats, unsafe boats or boats that are not chained and locked up. Please make sure all your boats are secure.




I need to make you aware that a new invasive non-native species has been confirmed in the waters at Fen Drayton Lakes. The bloody-red  mysid or shrimp (Hemimysis anomala) is definitely in Ferry Lagoon and Moore Lake in large numbers and probably also in the other lakes.


This shrimp is prolific, can reach very high densities and can have a massive impact on aquatic systems. It is carnivorous and prays on a wide range of other aquatic species, eggs and larvae, including fish eggs.


Please see the link below for more information:-


In order to prevent, or at least slow, the spread of this species to other waters and water systems, please can you re-enforce the importance of the check, clean, dry regime among your anglers. Boats and fishing equipment are almost inevitably going to be the cause of spread from Fen Drayton Lakes to other waters.


Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

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